International Development MA program

The MA in International Development is a two-year graduate program that comes to meet the global affairs of today. It is created within the College of Political, Administrative, and Communication Sciences from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and it is taught fully in English. Babes-Bolyai University is currently the highest ranked university in Romania, providing the ideal context for study.
It started in 2010 through the generous support of the Romanian government and it provides excellent insight for individuals looking for a career in a global network. The Master is organized as to respond to every area of interest, based on an interdisciplinary approach. The courses are designed to  meet the needs of every professional in the field of International Development and cover the fields:  Democratic transition and International development, Migrations studies, Post-Conflict reconstruction, Social science methodology and Qualitative methods in social science.
Why a MA in International Development?
  • We live in a changing world, an increasingly connected and more dynamic world that you need to understand and adapt to. In this sense, it becomes imperative that the educational programs that are offered to future students are constantly updated and connected to the world’s changing realities.
  • International development is one of the most hotly debated topics in the field of international politics, bringing together many discussions concerning new forms of political communities in our globalized era and the growing need for international solidarity.
  • Understanding the role of identity in our contemporary world is fundamental, especially in the context of migration, as the components of traditional political communities are constantly changing. In this sense, defining and understanding who the members of our community are represents a fundamental question in the field of international development.
  • Living in a globalized society requires understanding an international system that only marginally resembles the established image of a world of sovereign states. The problems of the contemporary world are global: therefore, no state can solve them alone, cooperation and integration being vital in the current world context.
  • The Master of International Development offers you a unique setting in Cluj-Napoca and Romania, which gives you the chance to attend a set of courses and gain an understanding on the topics of contemporary migration and the current ”wave of refugees.” It gives you the opportunity to understand both the challenges and opportunities of migration for both you and the society you live in.
  • The Master of International Development proposes a practical approach to understanding and solving a host of global issues, from poverty to migration, from terrorism to illiberal democracy. Theoretical topics are always accompanied by practical exercises. Research methods in social sciences and workshops focused on project management and program evaluation will complement the information acquired at the theoretical courses by providing a set of competencies directly related to those needed to acquire a career in the field.
  • The study program is offered in English, thus giving graduates an edge in the international labor market. In addition, the Master program makes a series of internships within state institutions (Presidential Administration) or within well-known organization (UNHCR, IOM) available to students.