11241437_1662651814012364_33948866239114185_oWhat can you do for  International Development?

Find out more about Millenium Development Goals and  Sustainable Development Goals and the way they impact our future

June 2016 – Bogdan Radu and Cosmina Paul published the chapter “Tolerance of Liberal Values in Romania: Anti-Abortion from Strategies between Religious Belief and Civil Society Mobilisation” in “Religion as Empowerment”, edited by Kyriaki Topidi and Lauren Fielder, at Routledge.

December 2015 – the final event of the UNDP funded project Raising awareness for development cooperation. The role of universities, won by the Department of Political Science took place at FSPAC. Find out more on facebook.

November 2015 – FSPAC students contributed to the promotion of education for development in several high-schools. Find out more on facebook.

May 2015 – A team of researchers from FSPAC published a brochure encouraging young people to engage in international solidarity projects. For more information, send an email to