DSC_0260“The 2 years of MA in Cluj were one of the highlights of my life. Particularly the courses in migration theory were extremely demanding and rewarding. Nothing beats a glass of cold local beer in one of Cluj’s many streetside cafes in the breaks of the intellectual marathon planned by dedicated professors.”

Former student, work experience in Tanzania


Jon Elvestad

11210425_10106878647826431_7352279569751495664_n“One of the best reasons to study at this University, in Romania is because Romania itself is a developing country in many ways, it is a transitional country. It is not at the bottom level and it’s not at the top level right now.”

Matthew Greenly

Wallet (9)„ Doing this international development  program in Romania is interesting by the fact that the country itself is an emergent country in the field. As a former student, it helped me understand how things work at the international level from the basics to complex actions. Having the opportunity to meet Romanian experts, interact with them, learning from their experiences made the program intense, and, at the same time, attractive. The best of all was to do this program in Cluj, the most beautiful city in Romania.”


Diane Inamahoro

DI_Otilia“I signed up for this MA out of passion and passion ultimately turned into my profession, both locally and on an international level. An intensive program filled with challenges, which in my case opened many doors and changed my perspectives. Insightful and useful courses, open and involved professors, possibility of networking with professionals in the field and a practical approach compared with other programs. For those passionate about this field and interested in a career in International Development, this MA is a great starting point”  

Project Coordinator – Syria Country Programme, Department for Peace Operations (DPO), Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR)

Otilia Fogorasi-Hencz


“I have graduated the International Development MA in 2014. Since the first year of the program I have been involved in international projects, and this MA helped me better understand the international context that I work in, better manage my projects, write better ones, develop better partnerships, evaluate better the impact of our work and approach more efficiently the issues that we try to solve through the development programs that we implement.”

Cadru didactic asociat Administratie si Management Public
Drd Stiinte Politice




Paula Beudean

11002600_10204954567096447_3156937490150006612_n“I strongly recommend this program because it is very interdisciplinary and because you work with several experts in the field. You will find a lot of professionalism here, a large exposure to international l bodies, institutions, organizations and a group of experts that will be teaching you and working with you.”

Adela Militaru


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